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About Kotha Krishna Reddy

Kotha Krishna Reddy, a Post Graduate in HRM (Osm), A Electrical Engg, Diploma in Electrical Engineering from College of Military Engg (Pune) and completed more than 15 professional courses in various domains during his service in the Indian Army.

17 Years of experience in Indian Army and more than 15 Years of experience in Training & development, Content Management, Training and Curriculum Development in Indian Army- Corps of Engineers and Infrastructure companies. Proficient in writing and editing, adhering to set standards regarding order, SOPs, clarity, conciseness, style and terminology; and in accordance with any defined framework. Demonstrated written and oral communication skills with understanding of various relevant concepts. Possesses good understanding of content development standards and instructional techniques and course delivery.

Proven record of effectiveness in developing programmes, processes and solutions that contribute to growth initiatives. An out of box thinker with skills in designing Vocational Programs and implementing various Youth Development programs on Livelihoods, Education, with RYK / MEPMA/EGMM/VELUGU-IKP and Infrastructure. An exemplary communicator skilled in designing and conducting customized training programs geared towards optimizing knowledge and efficiencies of participants


  • Actively participated in OP Parakram, OP Vijay, Hazratbal-Commando Operation, and OP Rakshak in Punjab during Army service in the year 2002,1999, 1996 &1990
  • Meticulously took part in many Military Relief/Peace Operations like OP SAHAYATA, at the time of super cyclone in Orissa in the year 1999 & Flood Relief Operations in Bihar 1998-99.
  • Was a part in Indo-US Joint Military Exercise with Green Berets of First Special force of US, Training in Explosive Breaching and Close Quarter Combat in Apr ’97.
  • Holds the merit of winning “Outstanding Performance” Award at National Academy of Construction during 2003-04
  • Pioneered to pilot MST LABS (Livelihoods) Training Program in AP, Goa and Maharashtra even pan India with Dr Reddy’s Foundation in the year 2006.
  • Pivotal in establishing Kotak Education Foundation- LABS at Mumbai in the year 2007 assisting them in Mumbai market scan to find out the potentiality of livelihood and mobilisation process in Bhandra world’s biggest slum & Thara supported by Dr Reddy’s Foundation.
  • Stellar in implementing NAC sponsored programs in LABS, DRF in the year 2007-08
  • Adroitly started & Honed expertise in commencing corporate Technical Training & Development Division in “Soma” in the year 2008-09
  • Merit of winning “BN SHASHTRI MEMORIAL VISSTA PRATHIBHA PURASKARAM” a prestigious award for Social Entrepreneurship/ Social contribution in the Skill Development 2009-10.
  • Played a stellar role in establishing Skill Development Institute in GMR Group in the year January 2010.
  • Key in getting statuary requirements to set up GMR Schulich business School at GMR Hyd International Airport.
  • Stellar in bringing CIDC & implementing BOCWW sponsored programs in both the states during 2013-16.
  • So far conducted about 850 seminars for Electricians, Electrical Engineers,Govt Depots in Best & Safe practices in Electrification by support of ICAI (Copper India)across the state and impacted more than a Lakh beneficiaries from 2005 to till date for Building Wire Program from combined A.P.
  • He is domain expert in electrical , Electrical safety, Energy saving,, Estimation and costing, Material Management, Principle of Teaching and Quality Assurance also Life Skills & Coaching skills.
  • He is currently managing Satya Technical Institute(STI) at Medchal and leading KKR Foundation also involving Skill Development Programs associated with NSDC and APSSCDC.
  • He is a Lead Trainer/Lead Assesser in Electrical,Welding/Fabrication and assisting Various Sector Skill Councils(SSC) for Assesments and Training.


KKR Foundation is a PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST, executed on 12th day of December, 2008 by K.Krishna Reddy aged about 40 yrs residing at, Plot No.702.402, Padmanagar, Suchitra, Telangana 500055, A.P., India. The details of the Trust are as under:-

CHARITY TYPE Skill Development, Children care, Education, Disaster Management, Health care, Information & Communication Technology in Agriculture, Labor & Employment, New & Renewable Energy, Advocacy on Right to Information act.
EMAIL ADDRESS Kkrf16@gmail.com
WEBSITE URL http://www.kkrfoundation.com
ADDRESS Urban Office Plot No.702.402, Padmanagar, Suchitra, Telangana 500055, A.P., Rural office : Village: Dharmapur, post Mahammadabad, Ranga Reddy Dist,Pince 509337.
CITY Hyderabad
PHONE 1 040-4017110
PHONE 2 09866594107
PROMOTER NAME 1 K Krishna Reddy

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